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Ear Candle

Ear Candling

Ear candling has been used for over 3,000 years. This procedure is an amazing elimination process, which allows glucose and oxygen to travel through passageways and enter into the brain as it restores neural function, cleansing the ear canals and sinuses. You will give and receive an ear candling and sinus/face massage, as well as learn the theory and proper safety procedures. Ear candles are provided.

Cost $95

Up Do

Updos & Red Carpet Events

We have laid out the RED Carpet for you to become specialized in styles for wedding parties, special social events, proms, fantasy fairs, etc. At this class you will start your very own portfolio of styles that will make your clients look like Hollywood stars.

Cost $150 (includes mannequin head and accessories)



8 function machine

Brush up on 8 function machine


Don't know how to use an 8-function machine? Brush up your techniques even though you have been licensed for years with the use of galvanic, high frequency, spray n vac, electric brush, woods lamp. This class will equip you with the knowledge and treatments to use these 8-functions as well as how to use ampoules with the galvanic that have positive and negative charges. You will be working on each other as well as

model needed at 3pm.

Cost $75


Treating the big "3" Cancer, Sensitivity, Stress

Now you can use the benefit of essential oils to treat "3" of the greatest concerns of many clients in our 21st Century. Clinical research has proven the benefits of essential oils when used on sensitive skin, highly stressed cliental, and even cancer patients. Learn hands on therapy that you can use on any client with the "Big 3" Concerns. Included will be a simple demonstration of a lymph drainage using the right blend of oils.

Cost $75


BEFE Workshop


BEFE (Bio-Electric Field Enhancement) is a treatment used to enhance and amplify the bodies own ability to heal itself through the use of the BEFE unit producing a bio-charge compatible with the person enabling the healing to take place. This workshop will provide instruction on the use of the BEFE unit, benefits of the treatment, and receive a treatment.

Cost $75




Permanent Makeup: Successful Marketing

Now that you have completed your training are you asking yourself, where do I go from here? Is marketing one of your greatest challenges? Learn how to market. advertise and brand your aesthetics, massage and permanent makeup up career.


Call for Dates (Requires (3) Registrants for class date confirmation

Cost $300



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